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5 Reasons to Hire a Production Company for your Event

Most businesses, sooner or later, will need to host some type of event. It might be a seminar, a conference, an employee training day, a team building workshop, or something else entirely. There could be many reasons.

When it’s time for your company to host an event, you’ll have two choices: either you handle everything yourself (which isn’t recommended), or you hire a team of professionals to do the hard work for you.

If you choose to do everything yourself, it’s true that you might save money. But you’re also taking a risk because planning a successful event is something that requires knowledge and expertise.

For example, while planning, you must take hundreds of technical details into account. Even a small mistake (such as choosing the wrong microphone) could result in catastrophe. The last thing you want when delivering a speech is high-pitched microphone feedback that hurts the audience’s ears. And the sad truth is that hundreds of things could go wrong without proper planning and strategizing.

Hiring a team of professionals increases your chances of success, and that’s an understatement.

In this post, we will look at the top 5 reasons to let a production company handle your business events: (1) Audio quality, (2) video quality, (3) lighting, (4) post-covid online events, and (5) consulting. Let’s look at each one.

1. Audio Quality

Typically, at an event, you’ll have speakers who give talks to the audience. If you’re hosting a seminar, for example, your speakers will probably be delivering educational material that interests people in your industry.  Therefore, from the technical side, audio quality is the most important part of event production. The audience needs to hear every word as if you were sitting right next to them. This will make the content much easier to understand and engage with. It increases the chances that people enjoy the event.

But how do you achieve good audio? You must use high-quality microphones. No other choice. This is where a production company comes in handy.  A production company will analyze your needs and make recommendations for your event. Ideally, they’ll even rent you the required microphones. And if you use a good company, the advice you receive comes from years of professional experience.

Also, to achieve high-quality audio, you need to use the right software, because normally audio is run through a computer program. And although specialized audio software exists, you need skill to operate it.

A production company has technicians who operate and monitor the software during your event to make sure the audio is crystal clear. These technicians can also react to any unforeseen problems that may arise.

However, if you host the event yourself, you risk choosing the wrong mics or misusing the software, resulting in terrible audio quality and a frustrated audience.

2. Video Quality

Due to the pandemic, hybrid events are growing in popularity.  A hybrid event consists of two things: (1) A physical event with an audience, and (2) a livestream that broadcasts the event to online attendees. A good analogy is a basketball game that has spectators in the stands and people watching at home.

But low-quality video will ruin your livestream completely. And it will ruin the event for your online audience.

You want an HD stream that broadcasts flawlessly to anywhere on Earth.

Also, in the age of social media, every event needs an HD recording so that you can upload your event to Facebook, LinkedIn, or Youtube. Then, your event becomes a digital asset that can generate leads and build brand awareness in the future.

But to profit from this strategy, you must meet the industry standards in terms of video quality. In other words, you need an HD recording, expertly produced and directed, because this is what people expect in 2021. And hiring a production company is the easiest way to accomplish this.

Again, a production company will analyze your situation and provide a list of recommended cameras and video editing software to use for your event. They can also provide invaluable information about how to film and edit videos to meet professional standards.

If you combine professional audio and video elements, you’re already ahead of the competition. Your event will look and sound like something produced by a studio.

Can you see how this will help your brand?

3. Lighting

Lighting is a vital but overlooked part of event production.

If we’re thinking about a live event, lighting makes the speaker visible. The audience likes it when they can see the speaker. They hate it when they must strain their eyes to catch a glimpse of the person talking over the mic.

And if we’re thinking about a live stream, lighting makes or breaks the video quality. When people use lighting incorrectly, it makes them look unattractive on video. It brings out all the wrinkles and blemishes on their skin. And it makes them look older than they really are.  Good lighting has the opposite effect. Good lighting covers up skin imperfections and it makes you look more attractive on the screen.

But lighting is a complex subject that takes years to understand on a practical level. This is why consulting a production company saves you a lot of hassle. They will tell which lights to use and explain how to use them. They might even rent you the required lighting.

The result is a much more professional event with an attractive live stream that makes the speakers look their best.

4. Online Events Post-Covid

You might think that business events are decreasing in popularity because of the pandemic.

While it’s true that live physical events have diminished, online events have exploded. And in fact, business events are more popular than ever, except they’ve changed since 2020.  Adapting to this new environment is a challenge and some business leaders are getting left behind. Consulting with a professional production company will not only bring you up to speed but also help you surpass your competition.

Whether you need advice on using Zoom correctly or advice on hosting an online conference for 1000 people, it doesn’t matter; a production company can help you.

Unless you’re in the industry, it’s hard to understand how profoundly online events have transformed since 2020. Don’t get left behind.

5. Consulting

Planning an event is stressful, and you’re going to have questions during the process.

Consulting with a professional company will give you peace of mind, knowing that your event is in safe hands.

It’s a great thing to speak to experts. They can listen to your ideas and tell you when you’re on the right track. They can also offer constructive criticism if they think you’re doing something wrong. They draw on their vast experience to brainstorm with you so that your event turns out better than expected.

Since there are so many things to consider, from stage design to the acoustics of the room to the overhead lighting, having the ability to call up and speak to an expert will save you from sleepless nights.

Hiring a production company like Freedom Audio Visual is the wisest way to host an event. From 20-person breakout meetings to large conference general sessions, Freedom answers the call. Visit or email Events@FreedomAudioVisual.Net.

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    It’s no secret that the digital industry is booming. From exciting startups to need ghor
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    It’s no secret that the digital industry is booming. From exciting startups to need ghor
    global and brands, companies are reaching out.

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